The Lighting design Philosophy depends on that the units of Lighting used in the design are to marked the Following:

The Lighting is to be soft emitting no brightness or shine that disturbs the residents and visitors.

1- Possible providing all the basic and contrasting colours.

2- Being workable as per a prior Lighting program or with constant colours to be determined on request at any time on the different occasions.

3- The electric power consumption is to be as low as possible.

4- Long Term presumptive Life.

5- Requiring the Least amount of maintenance.

6- Emitting no harmful Rays or heat harming to environment.

7- Being relatively economical so as not to burden the customer.

8- The Lighting type is to show the architectural details and carvings and designs peculiar to the building.

The designers have thereupon chosen the modern Lighting units of LED that Fulfill all the previous advantages. more

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